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🔎 Find hidden talent

Candidates often miss listing key skills on their profiles. Dime intelligently parses profiles to reveal skills candidates might not explicitly mention, ensuring you always find who you're looking for.

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Candidates that respond 📬

Dime divides your filters into smaller, focused queries and selects the top candidates from each. This leverages LinkedIn's internal responsiveness ranking, ensuring you reach out to the most engaged candidates.

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🎯 Niche sourcing made easy

Easily source for niche roles with precision. Whether it's non-visa candidates or female engineers, we have the filters you need.

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Streamlined outreach 🚀

Simplify outreach with templated bulk InMails and connection requests. No limits or minimum reply quotas, even for users on Recruiter Lite.

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📤 Effortless exports

Bulk export candidate profiles to your ATS or email finder with a single click. No more manual downloads or wrestling unreliable plugins.

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Sourcing made easy.

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